Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Traveling Wilbury Socks

The Traveling Wilbury Socks from the pattern collection of the Knitting Curmudgeon are my latest project, and these socks are for my friend in Texas. I hope she will like them and thinks of me whenever she wears them.

This pattern is the first one I have knit using my nine inch circular needles from KA Bamboo. I love them, it was worth the hours and hours of searching through stores and on-line. Why no one carries nine inch circular needles, I will never know. I think people who are new to knitting socks will love them and I can't wait to get them in all sizes. I am very happy that Inox is now carrying them in the 1/2 sizes.

Yesterday I picked about 50 pounds of apples for mom to make into applesauce, but today she said she didn't think her arthritic hands would let her cut up the apples, so I'm making applesauce. It's strange how many apples it takes to make two bowls of applesauce, but once frozen I'll have enough for the whole family for the whole winter.

I plan to use my vacuum sealer so that I will be able to store a lot in a little space. I wonder if it will work, I hope it will work.


~grits~ said...

oh that homemade applesauce sounds yummy!

And those socks!! Wow! I know somebody in TX is gonna love those gorgeous things!!!!!

~grits~ said...

Hey girl, can I steal that pic for my blog so I can show off?