Saturday, September 6, 2008

Dell's Customer Service continued

It's now been over two weeks since I contacted Dell about a problem with one of their laptop computers. The first call, which was several hours long got me nothing, but the promise of an e-mail with a link to new drivers which never arrived.

The second day was an on-line chat which didn't get me anywhere but seemed promising. Too bad the solutions recommended by the on-line technician didn't amount to anything, well at least that technician sent me a copy of the chat for my records.

The third day (Sunday morning) I got a call from Dell Customer Service and after about a half hour this technician dialed into my computer and tried to fix the drivers. It didn't work and I missed Meet The Press, because I was on the phone with the technician. I never miss Meet The Press, so you know I wanted this computer fixed.

After working on the computer via on-line take-over for over an hour, the technician determined that the problem is with the laptop and he told me he would send me a prepaid box so I can mail the laptop in for service. I'm still waiting for the box and I'm still waiting for an explanation of why I have to send the computer anywhere when I paid for a three year in-home warranty.

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