Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Who says you shouldn't make friends over the internet and meet them in real life. I have "met" people that I admire, like, love, respect, pray for, and just about any other descriptive word you can think of and I have never met them in person. Today, however, I met Elaine as she came through Washington on her way home after a cruise to Alaska.

Elaine and I have been pen pals for about five years and we have gotten to know each other through letters, cards, and a few phone calls. She is just as amazing in person as she is in her letters and on the internet. We went to lunch and then I drove her around town, past the eagle's nest, past my high school, YMCA, and kindergarten. We talked and talked and talked and then she had to leave to go back to her SIL's house.

I had the most wonderful day, meeting a friend and I lost three pounds at WW.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Umma's Hat

I enjoyed knitting this cap for UmmaGumma. I hope that she finds it comfortable to wear. The yarn, a cotton/tencel blend, (Cascade Pima Tencel) is incredibly soft and feels like satin to touch. Another good thing is that it only took three or four days to knit. I may have to make more of these in a variety of color.

The pattern is the Lace Edged Cap designed by Julie Hentz, and hers looks much better than mine.

Tomorrow Elaine will be here and I will meet her in real life for the first time. I am so excited, it's amazing how you can "meet" people on the internet and they become your real life friends. I wonder if she'll like me.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Another Rainy Tuesday here in the PNW

Got up early and went to Weight Watchers. I should have lost a boatload more weight than I did for my first week, especially since I stuck to the plan. Still, I won't get discouraged and I won't fall off the proverbial wagon.

I just gave the dogs nylabone base chewies, which they have never had before. One of the dogs has been walking around the whole house looking for a place to hide it, including trips up the stairs twice. It's a good thing the door is closed or she would move upstairs with all her stuff.

Now that I finished my Flutter-by socks, I'm working on a scarf in the Feather and Fan pattern. I think it will be very pretty.

Saturday, May 10, 2008


Another great sock pattern chosen by the Thrifty Knitters' Sock Club at Ravelry. Of course I screwed up the first sock and had to knit three, but I like the patten and it was pretty easy to do. In fact, the only reason I had to redo sock one is that the body of the sock was just too big.

Socks are getting easier every time and I love the free patterns on Ravelry and the sock knitter groups that make suggestions and/or help with problems.

These socks are for Bethany. Her birthday was in March, but I guess she can call them a Mother's Day present from her aunt.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Back to Weight Watchers

I always like to think I have a handle on the weight thing and can lose it on my own. I know what to eat, what not to eat, when to eat, when not to eat, what is not healthy, and what is healthy. I know being obese is not good for my health and eating better will improve my life. Why oh why does it have to be so hard.

Wednesday I went to Weight Watchers. I signed up for the monthly pass and with it I get to go to as many meetings as I want and I also get all the on-line web tools. is a wonderful on-line tool and the support and information is incredible, but I need to go to a meeting and get on the scale in front someone with a pen.

The difference between Sparkpeople and Weight Watchers on-line is that with Sparkpeople you get to see the nutritional values of all the foods you are eating, but WW tells you the points you've eaten. I wish WW would add nutrition to their site and I wish SparkPeople did the points thing. Right now I like Sparks site better, but maybe once I'm used to WW I will like it better. Either way, I'm going to use both sites, because I love the SparkPeople people.