Tuesday, January 16, 2018

All for Love by Natalie Ann

I will admit that I am not a big fan of short stories, but this one was great because it tells the story of the first time the characters' parents met and then met each other.  Readers already know the adult children, their spouses, and friends and have met the parents in passing, so this book is the cherry on the sundae. 

Readers who are just starting these series (All and Road) might want to read this book first, but it is not necessary.  Each book is a standalone with visits from other characters in the two series.

Anyway, Natalie Ann is one of my favorite authors for light reading, the kind of books you read by the fire, while waiting for an appointment, or just because you want some entertainment that doesn't break the bank

Monday, January 1, 2018

Crust No One by Winnie Archer

There are so many things I like about this book; the characters, the plot, the bakery, the description of the bread, the touches of Spanish thrown in here and there, and the possibility of romance. All of these things add up to an enjoyable book in a new series which I hope will continue. 

Ivy is working in the bakery helping Olaya get ready for the festival and visiting with The Blackbird ladies when Mustache Hank stops by with a produce order. The next thing you know the festival is here and Mustache Hank has disappeared.  Ivy, along with her high school boyfriend, Miguel, the highly entertaining Mrs. Branford, and the Blackbird Ladies try to find the newly divorced Hank at his son's request. As they investigate, a peek into Hank's life uncovers some uncomfortable secrets and a man who may have decided to disappear on his own. 

This author is great at weaving a tale and getting the reader invested in her characters. I thoroughly enjoyed reading both books in the series and hope there will be more and we'll be able to watch Miguel and Ivy repair their high school romance, now that they are adults.

I received an advanced reader's copy of Crust No One from NetGalley. This review contains my thoughts and opinions.

Monday, December 18, 2017

A Fatal Collection

A Fatal Collection is a new cozy mystery (hopefully) series, with a lot of likeable characters, some not so likeable characters, and a great location.

Callie's life seems stuck in a rut. She's stuck in a relationship that is going nowhere, with a man who appears not to be willing to grow up, when she goes to visit her aunt at Keepsake Cove. The first morning when Callie wakes up, she finds her aunt dead in her music box store.  The police determine that the death is an accident, but Callie is suspicious, wondering why her aunt would go into the shop, in the middle of the night, in her bathrobe.

When Callie finds out her aunt left her shop and house to Callie she decides to stay and keep the shop open and try to find out what happened. 

I liked A Fatal Collection and the characters who live in Keepsake Cove and will keep my eye out for more books by this author. Her characters are well-written and the location and setting are different from other cozies I have read.  There is a lot to learn about the characters in Keepsake Cove and I look forward to getting to know them.

I received a copy of this book from NetGalley. The review above contains my opinions and is freely shared.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Deserve A Chance by Natalie Ann

Another great read by an author who just keeps getting better with each book (although I still love the first two in the Road series best).

Zach and Amber have both overcome childhoods where they felt they were abandoned or unloved.  Both are successful and they hook up at a medical conference in Vegas.  When Amber sneaks out while Zach is still sleeping, he tries everything he can to find her.  Circumstance brings them back together and the feelings that started in Vegas are rekindled (and by that I mean on fire)

Another great thing is catching a glimpse of the other characters from past books. But this book is a stand-alone, so no worries that you have to read in order.

Great characters and plots make me a fan of this author.  Although I was awarded an advanced copy of Deserve a Chance, this review reflects my opinion and is freely given.  I think anyone who enjoys a good love story will love this book and series.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Sweet and Sassy Christmas - A Time for Romance

Great value for all those who love winter centric stories with happy endings. I was attracted to this set because I had read books by two of these authors and liked their books and the characters they invent.

I think my favorites are Road to Reality (which I had already read and reviewed)  by Natalie Ann, His Christmas Promise by Alicia Street, The Sheriff Meets His Match by Jacquie Biggar, and A Kiss Beneath A Christmas Star by Tamara Ferguson, but the editors who put this book together did a great job.