Wednesday, August 9, 2017

A Dangerous Woman from Nowhere

A Dangerous Woman from Nowhere by Kris Radish is one of those hard to put down books. So hard to put down that I am writing this review after only getting four hours of sleep. A definite five stars, recommend to everyone book.
Kris Radish is a storyteller and I love all her books, so I guess it is not surprising that I liked A Dangerous Woman from Nowhere. What is surprising is the theme. Unless I've missed one or two of Kris' books, this is a departure from her usual books. In a way the book reminded me of several of Sandra Dallas' books, another can't miss author.

Brair is a damaged woman. On her own, at a very young age, after escaping a very abusive environment, she's found half starved, in a cave, by Joseph and Nora. They take Brair in and teach her how to survive and what it is to be loved. Joseph sends Brair to take care of Logan's ranch in his absence and when he returns they fall in love and run the ranch together.

One day while Brair is in town, the owners of a gold mine kidnap Logan and Brair vows to get Logan back. The book follows the Brair's journey to the mountains and into the mines and the people she meets who help her and those who are against her.

I cannot recommend this book more.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Finding our Forever by Brenda Novak

A good start to a new series by Brenda Novak.

The search for her birth mother leads Cora to Silver Springs and the New Horizons Boys School where on the first day she meets Elijah, her birth mother's adopted son.  Although there are definite sparks, Eli tells Cora that there can be nothing between them except a physical relationship.  Before long, Eli is having trouble keeping his distance and Cora is conflicted about whether or not to tell her secret.

This is not one of my favorite books by Brenda Novak, but that could be because so many of my favorite books come from her Whiskey Creek series and I'm not ready to leave them behind.

Sunny Side Up by Sonia Parin

A great start to a cozy mystery series. There is Eve, who on a surprise visit to her aunt arrives to find the house surround by police tape and her ex-husband dead on the kitchen floor. Then there is the neighbor who reluctantly helps Eve find up guilty party. And lastly Jack the good looking, single detective.

Sunny Side Up is a great way to spend a couple of evenings. I look forward to reading the second book in the series, because the author has a way with her characters that makes me want to see how they progress.

No One But You

Dawson returns to the family farm after a year in jail awaiting trial for the gruesome murders of his parents.  Now that he has been acquitted, his only goal is to get the farm in shape so he can get his sister out of the state's care and home.  Because the house was trashed by vandals, Dawson advertises for a caretaker/housekeeper.

Sadie Harris accepts the job because she is desperate to make enough money to support her son and get away from her abusive, soon-to-be ex-husband, who also happens to be a power hungry cop.  The town still thinks Dawson is guilty, but after just one day, Sadie trusts him and thinks he was falsely accused.

I didn't think I could like a series as much as I like the Whiskey Creek, but I was wrong.  From the first page I was routing for Dawson and Sadie, as roadblock after roadblock is put in their way.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Suddenly Engaged by Julia London

Suddenly Engaged is an engaging story and I liked every bit of it except the title.  I'm just not sure where the suddenly comes in to play.  So pay no attention to the title, put on your beach hat, and enjoy the story of Kyra, Dax, and six years old Ruby Coconuts.

Kyra is the hard working single mother of precocious Ruby.  Dax is the grumpy neighbor whose wife left him for his partner, and Ruby is the red headed, pigtailed, bundle of cuteness.

The story is well crafted and the characters are nice to get to know. The plot has a few unexpected turns that keep the reader interested and, if you are like me, wanting to read more from the author.

Thoroughly enjoyable book.