Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Bellatrix the complete story

I did it! I finished the January socks in January. I wonder if there is a prize. If there is a prize, it should go to me, because I actually knit three socks. My Kirschner stitches even looked okay on one of the socks.

Today is January 23 and I have eight days until I start my next pair of socks. I wonder how many books I can read in the next eight day?
The weather today is awesome. I took the pictures of Bellatrix and all my new yarn outside because it is so sunny. Too bad it is below freezing or I could mow the lawns. Wait, thank God it is below freezing so I don't have to mow yet.

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grits said...

gurrrrrrl, I want to order some of your socks!!! They are really pretty, T.