Sunday, January 13, 2008

Bellatrix 2 / days 4 & 5

I am almost done with sock one, which is a good thing since today is the 14th.

Last night I had to frog three rows because somehow I managed to get a big loop right after the yarn overs. I figured I'd better rip it out or I'd end up getting my baby toe stuck. I'm not very good at going backwards, I kept dropping stitches. EEEEKKK When I finish sock two, I may just rip out sock one and redo the whole thing in a smaller needle. I tried it on last night and it seems a little baggy.

Yesterday I got all my Christmas decorations put away and reorganized into the crates. I have ten crates of decorations and I didn't hardly decorate at all this year. Eventually, I may just get rid of the ones I don't use, but for now, I'll consider the crates as extra insulation in the attic closet and leave them be.

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