Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bellatrix 2 / 3

Shopping at Ana Needlcraft in Anacortes was fun today. Didn't buy anything but row markers, but since my interests have been known to change in a heartbeat I don't want to buy too much extra expensive yarn. Still it is so nice to spend the afternoon at Patti and looking at all the pretty yarn is a definite bonus.

I finished the heel in Bellatrix last night and tonight I will work on the gusset (who thought up that word, sounds like something on a turkey). I will definitely finish sock one this weekend, so I am right on track and pretty darn proud of myself too.

The House at Riverton book discussion is going well. I find the book very entertaining and the history fascinating. I like the comparison between the family of means and the family who serve them. I definitely like the servants better, but it makes me wonder where would my family have been if my great grandparents hadn't come here. Probably nowhere as my great grandparents might never had met. :-)

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