Monday, January 28, 2008


The last State of the Union speech by President Bush is now complete and he has only 357 days left in office. The speech was, in my opinion, total buffoonary and no matter who wins the next election, our country will be better off in all ways. I just hope he does no more lasting damage to the reputation of this country.

I remember a couple of years ago watching a State of the Union speech for a college class and then reading everyones impressions, I wonder how this speech would be received.

I have now finished three hats that will be sent somewhere for someone to give to the babies of overseas babies. The hats are cute, but mine don't look like they are going to fall right off the babies' heads.

I also finished Miss Julia Stands Her Ground this afternoon. Ann B. Ross has really found a voice when she found Miss Julia. What a great character.

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