Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Shortest Distance between Two Women

by Kris Radish is a kind of funny story of four sisters and the mother who raised them. It is mostly the story of Emma, a single forty something, whose midlife crisis arrives just when the family reunion planning is at its peak. Emma, the one who has always done the most work and never complains, reaches her limit after a voicemail from the one who got away. After telling off her three sisters and mother, she temporarily blows off the planning and disappears into her garden.

I have three sisters and my mother is the same age as Marty, the Gilford Girls' mother, but we are nothing like these women. Talk about a bunch of dysfunctional people. If my sisters talked to me the way these women talk to each other, I'd move half way across the US, maybe I'd go to Canada. If my niece and nephews talked the way these nieces and nephews talked in public, I'd wash their mouths out with soap. Seriously!

Kris' characters are not like people I know, but maybe that's why I read her books.

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