Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Lost Symbol

by Dan Brown

As usual, Dan Brown begin his latest thriller with a gruesomely bloody scene and, as usual, I am immediately wanting to know more.

Symbologist and teacher, Robert Langsdon is summoned to Washington DC by his friend and mentor, Peter Solomon, to give a speech. Upon arrival at the U.S. Capitol, Robert finds that there is no speech, but a severed and tattooed hand is discovered in the foyer wearing the Peter's Masonic ring.

Robert must find the hidden Freemason's treasure before midnight, in order to save Peter's life. Robert is soon joined by Peter's sister, Kathleen and together they try to outrun the CIA, Capitol security, and a really bad guy.

A lot of the symbols were lost on me, quite frankly, but I admit that it was kind of fun to unravel the clues and try to solve the easier hidden symbols. Plus it gave me a little break from the murder, mayhem, blood, drowning, bloodletting, torture, self-mutilation, and intensity Dan Brown's novels always bring.

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~grits~ said...

this sounds good!!