Saturday, January 24, 2009

Murder Among Neighbors

Kate Austen has a five year old daughter and a husband who left her to go find himself in Europe. One morning she goes for a jog and comes home to murder, a career, and a new love.

The first Kate Austen mystery by Jonnie Jacobs introduced some interesting new characters. The characters in the series are well described, but not all of them are very likable. Set in Walnut Hills, California, the background characters are a little snooty, have money, and belong to the country club. Kate, on the other hand, is clever, gutsy, a little bit funny, and appealingly normal. She sets out to find the person who murdered her friend next door.

Jonnie Jacobs writes a mystery, that stays a mystery almost to the end of the book. I suspected each character and was not able to solve this one before the author completed the last chapter.

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