Friday, January 9, 2009

Dear Sarah

I am so very sorry that the mean old mainstream media was disrespectful of you during your run for Vice President. I apologize for the audacity of Katie Couric asking you what newspapers and magazines you read. How dare she think the American people have the right to know if their elected officials have IQs high enough to actually run the country. Shame on her and the voters. I can certainly understand how you think that anyone who said anything negative about you was just using your celebrity to further their careers. After all, Sarah, you are the center of the universe.

Seriously, keep talking, keep giving interviews, because every time you open your mouth and speak, you put another rock in your boat. How's Russia doing? Still keeping as eye on it from your front porch?

By the way, if you had run as a Democrat in the Democratic party, John McCain would now be the President. Democrats aren't as stupid as you seem to think.

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