Monday, December 22, 2008

Snowed In

I can't take it anymore. It's been a week since I left the house. Well, left my house in a gas powered vehicle, I can still get out and walk next door and go out to get the mail. The stores are closing early, if they are opening at all.

This snow is unbelievable. When I go outside, the snow is up to my knees, making walking just a little difficult. This morning I went outside to knock the snow off the trees in the dogs' yard (so the branches don't break off on their little heads) and when I came in my legs were tingling and they stayed red for at least an hour.

I'm afraid to open the gas bill, because I'm sure it is going to be astronomical and I don't want to be tempted to turn off the heat. I'm tired of leaving every faucet dripping at night and starting the washing machine right before I go to bed, so the pipes don't freeze.

The icicles outside the bathroom.


Katknit said...

It looks much the same here in CT. Over the weekend, it snowed continuously for 3 days. I like your blog!

Crafty Gardener said...

It looks the same here in Ontario, Canada. Snow everywhere, but today the temperatures are rising above zero and it is supposed to change to rain!!! I came across your blog from the gathering wool list.
Happy Holidays.

Anonymous said...

You won't have any worries about not having a white Christmas. When I lived in Canada I loved seeing the Christmas lights in the snow. After babysitting I refused rides home because I loved the beauty and peacefulness of freshly fallen snow. What am I doing in Florida, 80 F expected Christmas Day? I really miss the snow. I guess knee-hi socks or leg warmers are on your to knit list. Happy White Christmas from another gathering wool friend quilter_dawn (quilterdawn on Ravelry)

Linda in Maine said...

Yes, same thing in Maine. You need SNOWSHOES! I have them. We love getting out on the trail in the winter, it's pretty remote out here and even though it's a snowmobile trail, we hardly ever see or hear snowmobiles.

Besides, how would I get to the compost pile if I didn't have snowshoes?