Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Ho Ho Ho Today is the day, I'm going to be so brave! I'm going to drive my car to dinner, all 3 1/2 miles.

I grab my keys and open the garage door. I back out, trying to get the exact right amount of pressure on the gas pedal. I make it out of the garage and past the place I got stuck yesterday. I back all the way to the shop and turn toward the highway. I'm doing great, but this is just the practice run.

I go back into the garage and then let everyone know that I can drive to dinner. I'm sure they are all thrilled beyond words.

Now it's time to leave. I get my purse, put on my boots, and I'm off. Watch out world, I'm back on the road. I get to the very end of the driveway, about three feet from the main highway and get totally stuck. Walk back to the house and call my most wonderful BIL who says he will come and dig me out, says it won't take but a minute.

Scott (most marvelous of BILs) and Staci (most beautiful of sisters) come to dig me out. Scott dug as much as he could then Staci and I were going to push. Almost instantly two cars stop and four very nice, wonderful, kind, and beautiful men (and young men) jump out to help push (sorry to the one who Staci smacked in the head). I got out of the driveway and went to dinner (a little slippery in town). Kyle came home with me and I let him drive (hahaha "let") and he got stuck at the bottom of the driveway, he dug, then I dug (okay, I only dug a little bit) while he tried to drive. He made it to the top of my driveway, where he got stuck again.

I talked it over with the car, and it decided to stay where it is until the snow melts.

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Linda in Maine said...

Tarri, I laughed so hard at this - our driveway is so icy too. Last week I went out with a flashlight to get something from my car (the porch light doesn't reach around there) and I fell flat on the ice and the flashlight skidded under my husband's old car, not running for the winter. I could see the light shining through the snow piles rimming the car. That flashlight's there until March at least!