Tuesday, November 29, 2016

All I Want for Christmas by Jenny Hale

All I Want for Christmas is the perfect book to read at Christmas.  Author Jenny Hale has chosen the ideal location, added the angst of a life changing decision, and mixed in characters the reader can relate to.

After Leah's beloved grandmother dies Leah learns that her grandmother has left her estate to Leah and David a boy she knew growing up. David's family owned the estate until his grandmother sold it to Leah's grandmother. It was used by both families as  destination location for events, and Leah plans to continue in that practice.  David, however, has become wealthy during the intervening years and wants to turn the estate into a single family home.

When Leah and David reconnect he offers her one million dollars for her share of the house.  She is torn because moving there has always been her dream, but the chance to give her daughter a better chance at life is strong.  While Leah struggles with her decision, the house fills up with family and friends who plan to spend their last Christmas together at the estate.

I enjoyed the story and watching the relationship grow between Leah, David, and Leah's adorable daughter, Sadie.  If you are looking for an entertaining winter read, grab a quilt, a cup.of hot chocolate, and this book.

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