Monday, December 12, 2016

Second Chance by Natalie Ann

On her 18th birthday Mallory disappears without a trace from the home she shared with her drug addicted mother and her mother's second husband.  Twelve years later her almost boyfriend and next door neighbor catches sight of her while he is visiting his grandmother. After he confronts her, she slowly starts to trust him and they start to rebuild their relationship.
It's no secret to anyone who reads my reviews or my blog that I really like Natalie Ann's books.  She writes touching stories about flawed people with real life problems.  She writes about people who could live next door, the people you see in the local coffee house.  They are not made out to be superheroes.

This is book one in a new series set in Lake Placid.  All of the books in the three series by Natalie Ann are standalone but they do have continuing characters, so the reader "keeps up with" the people from past books.  

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