Monday, May 27, 2013

Emily and Einstein by Linda Francis Lee

I recommend this book to everyone, I could barely put it down. 

Emily is a motivated take-charge book editor when she meets Sandy Portman.  Sandy is a rich, good looking, successful businessman when they meet and after a few dates he dares Emily to fall in love with him.  They marry and are blissfully happy until one snowy evening Sandy goes to pick up Emily at the animal shelter where she is a volunteer.  Unfortunately for Sandy he does not get the message that the shelter is closed because of the snowstorm and Emily is not there.  Even worse, as he gets out of the hired car a scruffy little white dog darts in front of a taxi, causing the taxi driver to go out of control and Sandy is smashed between two cars and killed. 

After the funeral, Emily finds that Sandy had never changed the ownership of the Dakota apartment to her name and Emily is notified by his bitch (can I say that?) of a mother that Emily is being evicted.  While trying to put her life back together, Emily finds out things about Sandy that make her question her own convictions and with Einstein, her newly adopted, scruffy little dog, she tries to understand who Sandy was and why she didn't know. 

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