Saturday, June 8, 2013

Lucky in Love by Jill Shalvis

This is the fourth book in the six book (for now) Lucky Harbor series and I thought it was so much better than the last one (number six) I read.  This is Mallory's story.

Mallory Quinn is a nurse at the Lucky Harbor hospital and she wants to start free clinic for those in need.  She is the town good girl (although I'm sure there must be more than one).  One evening she joins her friend Amy at the diner for chocolate cake.  There is a freak ferocious windy and snowstorm, which causes a tree to fall on the diner, thereby knocking out the power and several windows.  Amy and Mallory are hiding with their soon to be third best friend, Grace, behind the counter, when Mallory hears a noise at the door and goes to investigate.  Caught in the branches of the fallen tree, is Ty (quintessential bad boy/Mr. Wrong), the Mysterious Cute Guy, new to the town. 

Ty is an ex-Navy Seal recovering from a catastrophic injury suffered when the plane (or it could have been a helicopter, I forget) his team was riding in crashed over the ocean.  Ty was the only survivor.  Now he is banged up once again.  Mallory etal,  rescue him and get him in the ambulance, where he is taken to the hospital and patched up again. 

The next time we see Ty is at the auction to benefit the free clinic, he is supposed to be Mallory's date, but he does not remember what happened during the storm.  Unfortunately, the whole is expecting him to be Mallory's date.  Will they, won't they, you be the judge.  Will Ty go back to the Seals?  Will Mallory's clinic be a success or a failure?  

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