Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Turn in the Road by Debbie Macomber

What a bunch of whiny, indecisive women.  I wanted to reach through the pages and slap the childishness out of Annie, the daughter of Bethanne, granddaughter of Ruth.  Then I wanted to shake Debbie Macomber for turning her characters in 1950s caricatures of women.  

I've read most of the Blossom Street books, mostly because they are yarn shop based, easy-to-read (and put down), and there was always a knitting pattern included.  However, in this installment there was no yarn shop, no knitting pattern, and I couldn't wait to be down reading. 

It starts pretty good.  Ruth has decided to drive from Seattle to Florida to attend her 50th class and see her high school boyfriend. She runs into her ex-daughter-in-law Bethanne (from the first Blossom Street book) at an outdoor restaurant and Bethanne, who is now a successful party planner/entrepreneur, and Bethanne volunteers to drive with her.  Then Annie, Bethanne's college educated daughter's boyfriend goes off to Europe suddenly with two friends and leaves her home, so Annie decides to tag along.  Unfortunately for Bethanne, and also us readers, Annie's sole purpose in life is to get her parents back together, even though Grant (the ex and Ruth's son) left Bethanne and the children for another woman, married her, and then after they divorced he decided he wanted the now successful Bethanne back. 

The first day on the road Annie decides to change all of Ruth's plans and drive to Florida through Tigard, Oregon, where Grant was born.  In the diner of a long ago friend of Ruth's they meet a group of bikers.  The next day their rental car breaks down at a lake and here come the bikers to help them.  One of the bikers is Max and he and Bethanne are soon connecting, much to the chagrin of Annie and Grant, who Annie keeps informed of every little move Bethanne makes. 

So now Bethanne must make a decision and it only takes her 400 pages.  

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