Thursday, February 5, 2009

Murder Among Us

The latest (well it was published in 1998) installment in the Kate Austen Mystery series by Jonnie Jacobs, is my least favorite in the series, but it is still a good cozy mystery. In Murder Among Us, one of Kate's students is murdered, in what appears at first to be a serial killing, because another young blond (why are they always blond) woman was found in much the same circumstances.

As Halloween approaches, Kate deals with skeletons in the mail, an older, more experienced 18 year old dating her 15 year old "daughter" Libby, a visit from her disapproving, soon to be ex-Mother-In-Law, and an uncaring, unambitious soon to be ex. She is trying to figure out why Julie Harmon, a recent orphan who is living with her ultra-religious half aunt and uncle, was murdered and what it was that Julie was trying to figure out.

The novel takes us into the cyber world or on-line sex and dating sites. There are the usual twists and turns that are always present in Jonnie Jacobs' Kate Austen mysteries, but I had this one figured out pretty early.

And just a side rant from me to those people on PBS who don't follow the conditions rules. You should know better, and next time I'm not giving you my credit for a book that is falling apart.

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