Monday, February 9, 2009

Blood Relations

Book six in Rett MacPherson's cozy mystery series about genealogist Torie O'Shea introduces Stephanie, the half-sister Torie did not know existed. Of course, finding out she is not her father's only child, causes Torie not just a little angst, even as she warms to not being an only child.

At the same time Torie is finding out about her sister, the Mississippi River goes down and the wreckage of the Phantom are revealed. As the river goes down, a cast of supporting characters arrive in town amid rumors of the uncut diamonds that went down with the ship in 1919. Along with Stephanie and Torie's best friend Collette, there is a group of researchers from a nearby community college and a full-of-himself television reporter and his cameraman.

Shortly after their arrival, one of the visitors is murdered. Because she is the local history and genealogy expert, and unnaturally curious, Torie starts digging for the truth of the wreckage, the survivors, and those who died when the Phantom sank.

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