Monday, February 2, 2009

Drunk, Divorced & Covered in Cat Hair

Who knew? Divorce can be funny. Well at least divorce can be funny when it's not your own and looked at through the perspective of time. Laurie Perry aka Crazy Aunt Purl started a blog when her husband suddenly left her and she also started knitting. She turned her blog into a book and she turned her new found talent into a new obsession. I know that it was an obsession, because I took up knitting about 15 months ago.

Of course, the book is not always funny. There are many parts of the book where Laurie is just barely getting through the work day without falling apart. Literally. There's the first date who walks out in the middle (okay, that was kind of funny). And there are the loyal friends who drag Laurie kicking and screaming back out into the world.

This book was well worth the price.

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grits said...

this sounds like a great read!