Friday, November 21, 2008

I hate shopping

So, I went to Safeway yesterday, then Costco today, and spent $400. At least I got some good chewies for the puppies. Still, I hate shopping. I don't understand people who like to shop and I really don't understand window shopping. Who wants to shop for fun, that's nuts.

I love Margaret and Helen, but their blog today was on breastfeeding in public. I wonder if there is a more polarizing subject. If they had asked me, I could have told them that any discussion of breastfeeding was going down a slippery slope and anything could happen. No one asked me, but if they had I would tell them that I was going to be Switzerland.

I usually post a picture with my blog post, but I figured a picture of my empty wallet wouldn't attract many readers, and I'm sure not posting a picture of my breast. Tomorrow I'll put up Bette's Christmas village, now that's a picture I'll want to share.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Zig to the Zag

First, this is the cutest name for a sock pattern I've seen. Second, I love the pattern.

I'm working on a pair of Zig to the Zag Socks with a pattern by Mandi Coughlin at . They are turning out so cute and in only four days I'm already down to the foot on the first sock. I love the Knit Picks and the Felici yarn I'm using is wonderful. It is so soft, it is a joy to use. The bad thing is that I'm looking at their website and there are no colors of this yarn that I like. Hmmmmm

Sunday, November 9, 2008

9" circular knitting needles

If you knit socks, you have to give the new 9" circular needles a try. They make sock knitting a snap and my stitches have never looked more uniform.

For these socks in the Horcrux pattern by Susan Lawrence from the Six Sox Knitting Group on Yahoo, I used the brand new Hiya Hiya 9" circular size 1 1/2. The yarn is by Schachenmayr nomotta Regia Color in the Strato colorway. The yarn, which I won from the Hooks Books & Needles group on Ravelry, is perfect for the pattern and I think the nice lady who delivers my mail will love her socks.

I haven't decided which pattern and yarn to use for my next socks, but I know I will be using my 9" circulars.

Anonymous sources

Everyone is up in arms because members of the McCain campaign are making comments to the media about Sarah Palin. My question to those who think it is horrible to say negative things without going on the record is, why the heck shouldn't they?

Have you considered that maybe they think she is so unqualified to be President that they want to warn the Republican party without ruining their careers as political operatives?

I think we should thank the anonymous sources. After all, Deep Throat is the most famous anonymous source and he was the first chink out of the armour that was the Nixon administration. If DT had not made the difficult decision to be truthful, Nixon could have gotten away with his dirty politics.

So for me, I'm fine with anonymous sources. As long as the news media ensures the sources are reliable, I say go for it.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

A couple of things

First, the Horcrux Socks I am making for my mail deliverer are almost finished. I just wish I knew what size shoes she wore so I'd know when to stop knitting. I'm using the yarn I won from the Hooks, Books, & Needles group on Ravelry, and it goes great with the Horcrux pattern. I may have a hard time giving these away.
The second thing is really an admission. I never used to watch the Today Show, because Katie Couric was just a bit to perky for my mornings. Well that and the fact that I worked everyday so I wasn't home or if I was home I was racing around trying to get ready for work or if I was off I was sleeping in.
Anyway, then came the multi million dollar contract for her to do the CBS Evening News, which I thought was a ridiculous amount of money so I vowed not to watch her. So, after the Sarah Palin interview, I decided to give her a chance and I like her. I'll probably keep watch, sorry Charlie.
One more thing, which just made me smile. When you spell check Palin, the alternative is Pain. Hmmmmmmm

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Yes We Can!

As I sit here, with tears on my face, listening to President-Elect Obama making his speech, I am amazed and thrilled that he won. I did not think it possible, that the people of the United States of America would elect an African-American President. I guess I should have had more faith.

I never thought the election results would affect me so much that as they are announced I would cry in joy. It amazes me how much pride I feel in America right now. Listening to the African-American commentators and news people speak from their hearts about how they felt was so touching and heartfelt.

It is so wonderful to listen to our leader speak and be proud that what he is saying makes sense and brings respect back the the United States.

You better believe it. Yes We Can!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


The race for the presidency of the United States has been going on for over two years and over a billion dollars has been spent. There is still a rather large percentage of people who say they are undecided. How is that possible? What the heck do they want to know and is it possible they will learn it in the next 48 hours?

Perhaps they should just stay home and start studying up for the next election in 2012.

It's almost over

In less than 60 hours we will have a new President and the campaigning will be put on hold for another two years. I cannot wait, I'm so tired of all the negativity.

It's just crazy, in my opinion, to spend this amount of time and money to elect our leaders. Imagine what we could do for the uninsured and under insured with all that money. Imagine how much research we could pay for; cancer, heart disease, stroke, autism, downs syndrome, could become things of the past.