Thursday, November 6, 2008

A couple of things

First, the Horcrux Socks I am making for my mail deliverer are almost finished. I just wish I knew what size shoes she wore so I'd know when to stop knitting. I'm using the yarn I won from the Hooks, Books, & Needles group on Ravelry, and it goes great with the Horcrux pattern. I may have a hard time giving these away.
The second thing is really an admission. I never used to watch the Today Show, because Katie Couric was just a bit to perky for my mornings. Well that and the fact that I worked everyday so I wasn't home or if I was home I was racing around trying to get ready for work or if I was off I was sleeping in.
Anyway, then came the multi million dollar contract for her to do the CBS Evening News, which I thought was a ridiculous amount of money so I vowed not to watch her. So, after the Sarah Palin interview, I decided to give her a chance and I like her. I'll probably keep watch, sorry Charlie.
One more thing, which just made me smile. When you spell check Palin, the alternative is Pain. Hmmmmmmm

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