Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Umma's Hat

I enjoyed knitting this cap for UmmaGumma. I hope that she finds it comfortable to wear. The yarn, a cotton/tencel blend, (Cascade Pima Tencel) is incredibly soft and feels like satin to touch. Another good thing is that it only took three or four days to knit. I may have to make more of these in a variety of color.

The pattern is the Lace Edged Cap designed by Julie Hentz, http://www.headhuggers.org/patterns/kpatt18.htm and hers looks much better than mine.

Tomorrow Elaine will be here and I will meet her in real life for the first time. I am so excited, it's amazing how you can "meet" people on the internet and they become your real life friends. I wonder if she'll like me.

1 comment:

grits said...

Like you? Like YOU?? Don't even think it, girlfriend! She's gonna love you!!

That is one gorgeous hat, btw.