Friday, June 17, 2016

All my Love by Natalie Ann

I really love this series. The characters are all searching for something, running from something, hiding from something or someone, or just trying to get through the day. Just like it is in real life.

Jordyn's mother died leaving Jordyn all alone. No family, no close friends, and no reason to stay where she was. Jordyn never knew her father and her mother never spoke of him. She did impress upon Jordyn that you never replied on anyone but yourself.

With no ties to bind her to Florida, Jordyn packed up and moved to upstate New York, because when she was packing up her mom's stuff she found some hints about her father and wanted to meet him.

Drew is the electrical contractor who comes for rewire Jordyn's new old house. For the first time, Jordyn has made a friend.

All My Love is their story. It's the story of two people discovering where they are, who they are, and where they are headed. It's a feel good story, as are all the books in this series, but there is nothing bad in feeling good. These are characters you are routing for.

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