Saturday, March 5, 2016

Sunday morning talk shows

I love the Sunday morning talk shows and have been watching them forever.  I am one of those people who still misses Tim Russert, Cokie Roberts, Sam Donaldson, and Tony Snow.  Maybe I'm the only one, hmmmm.  

Anyway, last Sunday I decided to post my interpretations on Facebook.  I got lots of comments, but my main purpose is to be just a little snarky, not take sides.  Except for Donald Trump, if you like Donald Trump, you might just want to stop reading now.  Here's my take, copied from Sunday's post on Facebook:

Listening to Face the Nation and trump is on complaining about how the other candidates are being mean to him. His second complaint is the IRS picks on him and no one else. Third point is he couldn't possibly hire American workers in Mara Lago (I really don't know how to spell that and don't care enough to look it up). because it was the hot season and they were temporary jobs. You know because all of us soon to be great again Americans are too lazy to work in hot weather or take temporary jobs, not because he refuses to pay minimum wage. 

What a great way to start Sunday. I'll be coming back with more funnies for y'all later as my Sunday news programs progress. Whether you like it or not, it seems.

Marco Rubio believes that the only reason trump is beating him is that the media wants Hillary Clinton to be president and he (Rubio) will win the delegates when you (the ungreat Americans) wake up and realize that trump is a con man. 

 I think Senator Sanders has gotten the younger generation involved and aware of the process. As for the kids in school, I wonder how high school teachers are dealing with this. I remember Senior American Government and cannot even imagine the poor teacher dealing with this election cycle.

Peggy Noonan's voice drives me BSCrazy. Usually I stop watching a program when she is on, but the mix on the panel is pretty good today.

Time for This Week with George Stephanopolis (I don't know to spell that, but is wife is funnier than all get out).   Great panel, good variety. Something for everyone.

TrusTed says the reason trump has not released his tax returns is that a) he's giving to Planned Parenthood or b) he's in the mob. Other than that, he was boing.
And Chris Christie is next. Is it too early for a stiff drink (10:15 a.m. here on the west coast).
Per Chris Christie, the media is just picking on trump by asking him questions about Social Security. Shame on the media.
Time for Meet the Press. Although I may take a break soon.
Governor Kascish is sounding just a bit snarky on State of the Union, which one of you told him he has no chance?
 Jeff Sessions is endorsing trumpy. hahahahaha just one more weird tool in the toolbox. Trump says we are the boss in America, I say "you're fired".


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