Thursday, February 25, 2016

Wooed by You by Sophia Knightly

Wooed by you is the story of Linc and Isabel.  Linc is a tough alpha narcotics detective and Isabel is the ex-wife of a now deceased drug dealer.  They met after Isabel's ex was killed in a motorcycle accident and he came to investigate if Isabel knew anything about the drug activity. 

Time has passed and Isabel finds a briefcase buried in her garden, she immediately calls Linc, who shows up to talk to her and take the drugs.  The attraction between the two of them is instantaneous, but Isabel is not going to get involved with anyone who puts his life in danger, because she has her daughter, Suzie, to protect.

The author has written a really good story about how a person can get past their preconceived impressions and let go of past pain.  She captures Suzie perfectly as a precocious child who is looking for a father figure.  

If you like a love story with a little bit of crime/drama, you will enjoy this book.  Linc is your macho hero, Isabel is your damsel in distress, and happily ever after is the goal.  But don't think Isabel needs or wants Linc to save her, she is completely able to save herself.

I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review .

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