Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Sweethearts' Knitting Club

by Lori Wilde is the story of love and redemption in a small Texas town.

Jesse Calloway has spent the last ten years in prison for a crime he didn't commit. He is sure that he was set up on a cocaine charge by the sheriff's son, Beau Trainer. When Jesse gets out early, he heads home to Twilight, Texas to clear his name, get revenge on Beau, and reclaim his lost love, Flynn MacGregor. Unfortunately for Jesse, Flynn has just accepted Beau's fourth marriage proposal.

Flynn has spent the last fifteen years taking care of her family while her mother was dying, but now the family is doing well and Flynn is struggling to let go and get on with her life. Her mother's dream was to own a yarn store, so Flynn sets about trying to fulfill her mother's last request.

I love the Gilmore Girl references, and the members of the Sweethearts' Knitting Club are delightfully funny. This novel starts slowly and ends too quickly.

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~grits~ said...

I like how this one sounds!