Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Blood Ballad by Rett MacPherson

You know what I like about Rett MacPherson's Torie O'Shea series? It's the fact that the people are so real. If you live in a small town, you are going to run into the same kind of off beat characters and everyone in town knows your business. I like that Torie's daughters are far from perfect, that they feel like they are not as loved as the other sister, and they fight like my sister and I did long ago.

The latest installment in the Torie O'Shea mystery series by Rett MacPherson involves Torie's long deceased great grandparents in murder, adultery, and copyright infringement.

Glen Morgan the grandson of the famed country group, The Morgan Family, approaches Torie about a book he is planning saying that his grandfather had an affair with Torie's great grandmother and fathered Torie's grandfather. While investigating the veracity of Glen's claim, a man is murdered, a CD about a long ago murder arrives in the mail, and Torie's teenage daughters fight.

All in all, what more can you expect from a cozy mystery.


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