Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Mary

Sometimes I wonder what my friends really think about my hobbies, since they usually get birthday presents made by me signifying my latest obsession. Last week Mary, Marie and I got together for lunch to celebrate Mary's birthday. I gave her a pair of homemade socks.

The socks are called (Black)Hearted and I used Stariel's pattern. It was a fairly quick knit and I will probably do it again in a solid colored yarn with beads.

We had a great lunch and visit at La Hacienda. When I came home I took some pictures of the Trumpeter Swans in the field in back of my house. It is so fun to watch them, because as soon as I get anywhere near the field they start walking away from me and talking loudly to each other. I wonder what they are saying about me; wait that doesn't make me paranoid, does it?

1 comment:

grits said...

I really like getting hand-made gifts. And I still am wearing and loving my socks from you!

I do the same thing - I have to give my latest hobbies as gifts, as I have too much supply just for myself. I always hope people like them as much as I do. Ya never really know, huh?

that reminds me - I need to send you something lol!!!