Friday, August 22, 2008

Dell's Customer Service or lack thereof

I just spent 40 minutes on hold waiting for Dell Customer Service, and I am not a satisfied customer.

February 2007, I recommended a Dell computer from QVC to a friend of my mom. Betty Lou paid for a three year in-home warranty, which cost over $300. She does not use the internet. Mostly, she uses the computer to play games, so she really doesn't need an ISP, so when she moved she didn't transfer her service.

Anyway, now there is a problem which they determined to be drivers and she told me to go on my computer, download the new drivers onto a CD, and transfer them to her computer. Plus, it took over 30 minutes to determine that it was a driver problem. Hello, why pay for an extended warranty when Dell doesn't honor it.

The kicker for me is that for the whole 40 minutes I was on hold, they kept advertising their enhanced warranty that guarantees a two minute hold time and a representative based in North America. Nice customer service Dell, way to get return customers. I will never buy a Dell product, ever.

I'm so happy with my Toshiba, when it broke they actually sent someone out to fix it.

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