Monday, July 21, 2008

Why do people blog?

"This blog could be more exciting if you can create another topic that everyone can relate on."

First off, you never end a sentence with a preposition, it's just not proper English. Second, I'm really not that exciting of a person, and even if I was, I sure wouldn't put the details on a public blog.

The above quote was posted by lotto after I posted about attending my aunt's funeral. I'm not sure if lotto is a real person or a spammer and I can understand making a comment about being bored by the pictures of my new knitting project, but about some one's funeral? I just don't know.

However, the comment did make me think about why people blog. I started to keep track of what I was knitting and to learn something new. Most people blog to let others know how they are, what they are doing, and share their thoughts with like minded people. Political blogs are popular, but I don't care that much about stranger's political opinions.

So if you are reading this, why do you blog?

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~grits~ said...

First off, Tarri - it was extremely rude of that lottoperson to comment that after you wrote about a loved one's passing. It would be rude anytime to just pop off something like that, but this is extremely rude!

Secondly, I like your blog and your knitting pics.

Thirdly, my blog is duller than dirt and I dont care lol!

Fourthly, and finally to answer your question, I blog because sometimes I just like to vent, or to dribble away with my thoughts or for no reason atall. I wished I had kept a blog while I was pregnant and for all the first years my daughter was a baby till now. I've forgotten alot already and that makes me sad.

I do like mine being private with only close friends having access to it.