Friday, July 18, 2008

Mamma Mia

What a funny movie! Even at 9:30 a.m., I laughed my ass off. Well, I didn't really laugh my ass off, it's unfortunately still there. Darn it! You know the movie is good when no one leaves their seat until the lights come up. Finally it's cool to like ABBA again.

I think Batman must have opened today too, as the theater was very crowded for so early in the morning. Do people really go to movies early in the day? I cannot believe that a movie costs $9 and refreshments . . . OMG. There was a lady at the concession counter that paid $22 for two drinks and an order of nachos. I paid less than that for lunch for two of us.


susieatl said...

I went yesterday with a group of friends and we wanted to dance and sing in the aisles but the fuddie duddies shsssed us.

I'm digging out my Abba's greatest hits today!

~grits~ said...

oh I wish I could go see this with cool people like yall! Kiddoo really wants to see Wall-E. Maybe I can get hubman and a guy friend to take the kids (his grandkids and our daughter) while me and his wife go to see this. If we can find them at the same theatre at about the same times lol.