Tuesday, August 1, 2017

No One But You

Dawson returns to the family farm after a year in jail awaiting trial for the gruesome murders of his parents.  Now that he has been acquitted, his only goal is to get the farm in shape so he can get his sister out of the state's care and home.  Because the house was trashed by vandals, Dawson advertises for a caretaker/housekeeper.

Sadie Harris accepts the job because she is desperate to make enough money to support her son and get away from her abusive, soon-to-be ex-husband, who also happens to be a power hungry cop.  The town still thinks Dawson is guilty, but after just one day, Sadie trusts him and thinks he was falsely accused.

I didn't think I could like a series as much as I like the Whiskey Creek, but I was wrong.  From the first page I was routing for Dawson and Sadie, as roadblock after roadblock is put in their way.

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