Thursday, November 14, 2013

Every Trick in the Book by Lucy Arlington

Every Trick in the Book is the second installment in the Novel Idea cozy mystery series.  In this outing, the Novel Idea Literary Agency is sponsoring a festival where fledgling writers can meet with the agents to pitch books and attend seminars to learn what it takes to be a successful author. 

On the first morning of the festival, Lila Wilkins (our mystery solver and main character) meets Melissa Blume, an editor from New York, who could be Lila's twin.  When Melissa is murdered, Lila sets out to find out what happened. 

The first installment in this series is not as entertaining as the first book, Buried in a Book, but it was entertaining and I am liking the minor characters.  Although the murderer is known to the reader early on in the book, the reason why will keep you guessing especially after a second woman is killed.   I look forward to the next installment. 

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