Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Learning to Swim by Sara J. Henry

"If I'd have blinked, I would have missed it."  Thus starts the story of Troy Chance and the young boy she rescues after he is thrown off a ferry going in the opposite direction. 

This was one of the audio books I purchased from Audible.com, and while I liked the story very much, the person who was recording it took some of the enjoyment from the experience.  Troy is a freelance magazine writer who specializes in sports, she is in her late 20s, early thirties.  The story is told in the first person and the reader is obviously older. 

Anyway, the premise of the book is strong.  Troy jumps into Lake Champlain and rescues the boy, then swims to shore.  The boy tells her that his name is Paul, but he speaks only French.  She calls the police, but they have no record of a child falling overboard, and no one appears to be looking for him at the docks.  Troy worries that he is an abused and unwanted child and decides to find out who his parents are and why they are not looking for him.  She figures if they don't want him, or are responsible for him being in the water, she'll just keep him.   She gets enough information from Paul to figure out who is parents are and sets off for Ottawa to find them and find out why they are not looking for him.  

I think this is a book I would have enjoyed more if I had actually read the story.  As it is, I only liked it enough.

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