Sunday, May 31, 2009

My computer is broken

and boy do I miss it. I'm sitting here at my sister's using her computer while she is on vacation. I took my computer into a new shop to get it fixed ten days ago and it's not a major problem (hopefully, just needs a new back light for the screen). Unfortunately, the "technician" is too busy to get around to fixing it. Now if he had told me that ten days ago, I would have gone elsewhere and if I'd have known eleven days ago that my computer was going to break, I would not have bought a new washer.

I miss keeping up with my on-line friends, but I've read five books and knitted a whole sock since May 24. I think I need to spend a whole lot less time on the computer.


~grits~ said...

I am less and less on computer these days - time for major summer house cleaning (in lieu of a spring clean which I never got to) -and we got our pool up so I'm out there alot with kiddoo.

And endless chauffering for playdates, upcoming swim lessons, day camp and vacation bible school.

All my furries need to go to vet for annual shots and 2 need to be neutered - PLUS we are getting yet another kitty soon - a teeny babe we couldnt resist when a friend's cat had a litter of 7!

BTW, how far are you into the Bees and Mist book? I'm having trouble getting into it but am gonna keep at it.

Happy Summering Tarri!!!

Benita Bolland said...

Ugh, I don’t like computer withdrawal either. I have to rely heavily on my computer both in and out of the office, so it’s really hard when I’m away from it. I’m sorry that it took the technician forever to fix your computer. I hope that the backlight on the monitor was really the only problem, and it wasn’t a power issue. A power problem for the monitor might cost you a little more than just the backlight.