Monday, October 6, 2008

Return To The Veterinary Clinic

I took Bear back to the vet today to have his ear cleaned and checked out. I also took Rowser for a check up and shots. What a nightmare!!! My head hurts so bad now that I'm sick to my stomach and I'm going to start drinking soon. It's not drinking alone if the dogs are here, right?

Bear is afraid of everything and can't stand to be away from Rowser. Rowser gets wired when she sees young children and other animals, mainly because the unsupervised kids in my old neighborhood teased the dogs while I was at work. My dogs do not like toddlers.

I took Bear to the vet, left her with Chelsea, the vet tech, and came home to get Rowser. Bear was fine until Rowser got into the waiting room and then got so upset that he couldn't see her that the vet asked me to go outside (we waited in the car). There was a kid and a colt in the parking lot, so the wait was not much fun.

The vet finished working on Bear and then took Rowser in to start the examination. I took Bear home. Luckily Quinn was next door at mom's, so he came over to Bearsit. Bear has never been home alone and will not even go outside to pee without Rowser. I was not looking forward to what my house might look like and there was a good chance that the ear could start bleeding again so it was great to have Quinn to count on.

I went back to get Rowser and pay. Rowser has a broken tooth and is fat. Sorry Rowser, but it has to be said. She needs to lose about eight pounds. Today's visit was $327 and it will be about $717 for the tooth to be extracted. Did I mention I'm going to start drinking soon?


~grits~ said...

OUCHeewawa! On poor pup and poor pocketbook!!

But look at those precious faces - they are so worth it, arent they?

Hope Rowser feels better soon.

~grits~ said...

p.s. sorry - I meant Bear!!!!!